The Brand Letay was created in 2014 with the major focus on beautiful, comfortable wetsuits and beachwear for women as a limited edition .

Dina Muldasheva the brand owner and designer: “For already many years my life is closely connected to water sports: kitesurfing, surfing, wakeboarding. Spending a lot of time in the water you would like to feel yourself comfortable and at the same time look graceful and beautiful like in your casual life. That led me to a creation of my line of wetsuits and beachwear for women. From the very childhood I enjoyed drawing, designing cloth and bringing it to life. I also studied in the Art University. As a combination of my two passions: surfing and design, the brand “Letay” was born. “

We use high quality super stretchable  neoprene of the latest generation in the all our models.  The wetsuits were tested in diverse wind and water conditions.

The outstanding product, high seam quality, warmth and exclusive design are the main priorities for “Letay”.